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Micro Aerospace Solutions

Micro Aerospace Solutions Inc. (MAS) is a small business that specializes in thruster design, propulsion systems, attitude control, commandMAS and data handling, and computer and communications systems for small spacecraft, payloads, and nanosatellites.  In March 2013, MAS signed a two-year agreement with NASA for the use of KSC’s unique payload and small satellite testing services and capabilities.  MAS helped develop and prepare the Biotube plant growth flight experiment, a re-flight of the lost  STS-107 experiment, re-flown in April 2014 onboard the  SpaceX CRS-3 mission to the International Space Station.  In addition to its other payloads, MAS is also developing avionics, software, guidance, pointing systems, power, and command and communication for the Sunjammer solar sail NASA Technology Demonstrator Mission. 






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