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Craig Technologies

Craig Technologies offers unique end-to-end, design-to-production capabilities that include specialty manufacturing, custom avionics and test and evaluation services Image of Bob Cababa and Carol Craig.supported by unique manufacturing and test equipment.  Some of that equipment (1,600 items used to support Shuttle Program) is maintained by Craig through a five-year, non-reimbursable Space Act Agreement with NASA that was signed on June 22, 2012.  This is a way to “ensure that space shuttle era technologies and tools are reused for other hi-tech, private sector purposes along the space coast,” said David Weaver, NASA’s associate administrator for the Office of Communications.  This arrangement allows Craig Technologies to preserve and maintain an inventory of unique processing and manufacturing equipment for future mission support at Kennedy Space Center.  “American ingenuity helped us to realize our dreams to lift off to space and I believe it’s with this same passion that we will help to revitalize our industry with advanced manufacturing and research initiatives through private/public partnerships such as the one we have with NASA,” said Carol Craig, President and CEO of Craig Technologies.

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