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In-Situ Wiring Damage Detection and Re-routing Technologies

 In-Situ Wire Damage Detection


The technology is important to NASA in meeting mission needs by providing a highly reliable wiring system with diagnostic and prognostic capabilities.  Meets supportability needs for long duration missions.  Technology first for intermittent fault detection and the potential for miniaturized in-line TDR detection system.

It is capable of continuously monitoring signal and power cables to detect and locate intermittent faults without affecting the integrity of the signals on the wires.  The system currently is capable of monitoring up to 64 wire connections and provides self-contained data storage.  The technology also can provide the capability of a new wire construction that can detect damage to the insulation before getting to the core conductor and complete failure of wiring.

Technical Capabilities (damage detection for wiring and flat surfaces including inflatables)

Partnerships (ASRC and ESC)

Success story- re-routing test article demonstration for intermittent fault detection during Shuttle Launch, STS-129 in 2009.

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