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Optimal Location

Located on the Atlantic coast of Florida in the United States, Kennedy Space Center is geographically situated at an optimal launch location for space missions requiring access to either equatorial or inclined orbits up to 60 degrees (north or south), with access to three vertical launch pads and one horizontal launch site. The 140,000-acre site allows for launches over the ocean, away from populated areas, and provides secure air space.  In addition, KSC enjoys a year-round warm climate, and is near a major city with access to a host of amenities and urban resources, including nine colleges and universities, three international airports and Port Canaveral.  

This site also has proximity to numerous aerospace and high-tech companies, providing access to potential customers and suppliers.  For those wishing to launch small payloads, KSC can help to coordinate the “piggybacking” of payloads, allowing customers to pool launch costs.

With an ever-expanding base of diversified commercial activities taking advantage of the offerings at KSC, the potential for integration of new technologies and industries, and, therefore, business opportunities, is also expanding.  And with 8,000 acres available for future development, KSC has plenty of room to grow.  In addition, just outside the gates lies Exploration Park, the newest location focused on research and technology that is ideal for businesses needing proximity to the space launch complex.


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