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Facilities and Ground Systems

KSC offers a variety of facilities and ground systems & equipment that are uniquely suited to support launch and aerospace activities, including a 15,000-foot runway, the space industry’s largest vehicle integration facility, cryogenic servicing systems, payload processing facilities, mobile launch transportation vehicles and launch control centers. KSC also offers 24/7 onsite medical, security and emergency support.

The processing and launch infrastructure is available for use by commercial, non-profit and government entities with a diverse array of needs and requirements, including assembly, testing, and processing as well as launch and landing, and research and development. In addition to space transportation, the facilities and systems are well-suited to support organizations working with satellite systems and payloads, adventure tourism, clean energy and many other emerging aerospace-related endeavors.

KSC stands alone in the space industry with its ability to provide start-to-finish support  (concept – launch-recovery-analysis).  For example, KSC can support customers with the ability to develop, integrate and test a variety of different payloads and research experiments, provide controlled environments to sustain critical science cargo, offer contamination control services and consistently deliver time-critical launch/landing site payload customer services.  No other spaceport offers such a comprehensive range of resources all in one place.

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