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Benefits of Partnership

Whether you want to launch spacecraft or engage in other aerospace-related activities, Kennedy Space Center (KSC) - with its unique facilities, proven technical capabilities and experienced workforce - can provide a partnership that will help you reach your goals.

By pursuing development concepts described in KSC's Master Plan, including newly modified state-of-the-art facilities, KSC is transforming to a multi-user spaceport able to accommodate Government and commercial vehicles and spacecraft as well as research and technology development efforts, thereby expanding the opportunities and possibilities for future space activities and other innovative endeavors.

KSC’s benefits include:

  • A prime, Central Florida location on the Atlantic Ocean, with a year-round warm climate, an optimal launch position for equatorial or inclined orbits up to 60 degrees (North or South), and proximity to many urban amenities
  • Quintimodal transportation access - road, rail, air, sea and space
  • Unmatched scientific and technical support, with an experienced, highly trained work force and more than 40 labs and test facilities
  • A variety of facilities and ground systems, equipment that are uniquely suited to support launch and aerospace activities, plus 24/7 onsite medical, security and emergency support
  • A strong network of state and local economic development organizations
  • Access to a high tech workforce - Florida’s Space Coast ranks number 5 in the U.S. for its concentration of highly skilled workers and innovators

No other spaceport offers such a comprehensive range of resources all in one place.  To further explore the benefits of a KSC partnership, check out the tabs at left.

Ready to Launch?

Ready to explore a partnership, or simply need more information?  Please submit your inquiry to our KSC Facilitator.

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