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Small Launch Vehicles

KSC is developing the capability to support small class launch vehicles, beginning with the construction of KSC’s newest Launch Pad, designated Launch Pad 39C. NASA’s Exploration Ground System program or EGS, developed Launch Pad 39C to serve as a multi-purpose site and proving ground for commercial companies to test and launch their small class vehicles.


As part of this capability, NASA’s Exploration Ground Systems also developed a Universal Propellant Servicing System (UPSS), which can provide liquid oxygen and liquid methane fueling capabilities for a variety of small class rockets.  Additionally, KSC offers various other resources such as, but not limited to, vehicle and payload processing facilities, command and control capabilities, and payload testing and processing. 

image of the universal propellant servicing system

Universal Propellant Servicing System (UPSS)

The Universal Propellant Servicing System (UPSS) was developed to be a multi-use asset focused on, but not limited to, fueling commercial rockets. Additionally, the UPSS is going to be used at KSC’s development test site for cryogenic technology demonstration projects. The UPSS currently consists of a liquid oxygen (LOX) system and liquid methane (LCH4) system. These systems can be used together or separately.

Specifications for the UPSS are as follows:

    Both LOX and LCH4 are pressure fed propellant transfer systems

  • Up to three stage vehicle servicing
  • Systems rated at 200 psig operating pressure

Expandable Storage Volume (commercially available ISO shipping containers)

Current design supports approx. 30 kgal useable propellant each LOX currently has six ISO container connections

  • LCH4 currently has three ISO container connections
  • Design can be modified for additional manifold connection

Current available storage (on hand at KSC)

  • LOX: three ISO containers
  • LCH4: two ISO containers

UPSS is also adaptable to other propellants (i.e. LH2, Kerosene)

Operating pressures end storage capabilities available upon request. 

Launch Vehicle Processing 

 Image of how KSC can determine your needs

Using NASA’s decades of expertise, the KSC team can assess your requirements to determine the optimal way to support your launch needs.

Operational Concepts

Clean Pad Integration

image of dployable launch system image of deployable launch systemimage of deployable launch system







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