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Life Cycle Optimization

Prevention, detection, and mitigation of material damage

Cutting-edge materials and processes to detect, prevent, and mitigate damage caused by the environment 5.2 Materials for Life Cycle Optimization - Advanced Composite Repair with NDE Capability(e.g. corrosion, extreme temperatures, dust) and during operations.

Capabilities / Services

  • Corrosion
  • Extreme temperatures and low flammability
    • Enhanced refractory concrete performance
  • Static electricity and dust mitigation
  • Composite materials repair
  • Researching self-healing material processes


    • Developed microencapsulation technology for corrosion indicators and inhibitors control (5 patents awarded and several pending)5.2 Materials for Life Cycle Optimization - Electrodynamic Dust Removal from a Frabic
    • Developed a color indicating hypergolic propellant detection wipe that distinguishes between a fuel and oxidizer for selection of mitigation procedures
    • Developed a sensing tape (detects leaks) that changes color upon contact with hydrogen (H2). H2 is odorless and colorless; suitable for cryogenic applications
    • Developed technologies and methods for mitigating dust on critical surfaces such as space suits, solar panels, mechanisms, & Dust Mitigation
    • Dust Removal Demonstration

    Equipment / Facilities

    • Labs, Shops, and Testing Facilities

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