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Materials Selection

Rapid response, onsite, comprehensive failure analysis & materials testing

M&P evaluation, assessment, and selection for design/development and operations for metals, 4.1 Materials Selection - Advanced Evaluation and Assessmentnonmetals & composite materials.

Capabilities / Services

  • Selection for design & manufacturing (metallic/nonmetallic materials, welding, coatings, corrosion control and composites)
  • Development of agency & international specifications and standards
  • Oxygen compatibility assessment
  • Ongoing research in advanced NDE techniques, composites, corrosion coatings, refractory concrete, self healing materials


  • American Welding Society (AWS D17) Chair, Committee on Welding in the Aircraft and Aerospace
    • D17.1 Specification – Fusion Welding for Aerospace
    • D17.2 Specification – Resistance Welding for Aerospace
    • D17.3 Specification – Friction Stir Welding for Aerospace Applications
  • Aerospace Materials Engineering Committee (SAE/AMS) Voting Member
  • American Society for Testing of Materials (ASTM G4) Voting Member
  • ISO Technical Committee 44/Working Group 4, “Welding and Brazing in Aerospace” Designated U.S. Voting Member
  • National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) Technical Fellow
  • American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Level III Certifications
  • Materials selection and manufacturing methods to address in-service failures
    • Custom alloy design & casting process for the Crawler Transporter Tread Belt Shoe

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