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Environmental and Contamination Lab

Ground systems and On Orbit Contamination Control

Surface cleanliness verifications/inspections; sampling, test and analysis; precision cleaning; procedure development 4.5 Contamination Control(repair, operations & maintenance); and real-time environmental monitoring and mitigation.

Capabilities / Services

  • Environmental requirements, monitoring and procedure development (repair, operations & maintenance)
  • Contamination detection & mitigation
    •   Surface cleanliness verifications / inspections of systems
    •   Precision cleaning


  • On-orbit contamination solutions
  • Root cause identification & implemented contamination process to prevent recurrence of on-orbit contamination of the Solar Alpha Rotary Joint (SARJ)
  • Over 20 years of environmental monitoring & contamination control services to a wide range of simple to complex payloads for low earth orbit and interplanetary robotic missions. (i.e., Hubble, Galileo, WISE, SDO, CHANDRA, TEDRIS, Magellan)

Onsite, rapid response labs:

  • Failure Analysis & Materials testing labs4.5 Contamination Control - Contamination Inspection
  • Chemical test & analysis
  • Precision Cleaning

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