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Fluids and Mechanical

Systems Management of Fluid and Mechanical Systems

Multi-discipline Engineering services for post initial system development, used to modify the form, fit or function of existing ground and flight systems for upgrades, obsolesce, anomaly resolution, and re-certifications.

Capabilities / Services
  • Mechanical: Launch accessories / umbilicals, handling and access
  • Fluids Systems Engineering: hypergol, cryogenic, instrumentation, hydraulic, pneumatic, environmental air systems
  • Avionics 2.3 Sustaining Engineering of Ground and Flight Systems - Cryo Pump
  • Electrical
  • Materials Science
  • Life Cycle Modeling and Simulation
  • Ground Command and Control Systems
  • Pressure Vessel / System Re-Certification 
  • Mishap investigation
  • Test and Measurement Services

  • Launch Scrub Turnaround Response time reliability record of 98.4% for Facility Systems and GSE induced launch scrub anomalies, including Command / Control and Software
2.3 Sustaining Engineering of Ground and Flight Systems - Cryo Valve

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