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Customer Avionics Interface Development and Analysis (CAIDA) Lab

The CAIDA lab provides a high fidelity capability to interface customer avionics platforms with multiple systems, both internal to KSC aCAIDA flight computernd external to KSC, including the KSC developed Launch Control System (LCS), other NASA centers’ systems (integrated Power, Avionics, and Software Lab (iPAS), Systems Integration Lab (SIL) and vendor labs and facilities.  The CAIDA lab is a key component in helping to define the Launch Vehicle and Spacecraft to ground interface definitions.  Some applications of CAIDA are flight to ground systems command and telemetry gateway development and testing as well as an in-house capability to support ground software development and verification, training and procedure development for ground processing. 

The CAIDA lab also can provide an interface to external customer avionics platforms with multiple systems for hardware and software developmenCAIDA with trickt, verification, testing, and data analysis.  Our primary system (Dewesoft) to perform these tasks has the ability to process, display, record, and retrieve data from many types of data streams (e.g. Ethernet, 1553, CANbus, PCM, and many more). 


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