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Cryogenics Lab

The Cryogenics Test Laboratory provides a one-of-a kind capability for research, development and application of cross-cutting technologies to meet the needs of industry and government.  The Cryogenics Test lab provides cryogenic expertise, experimental testing, technical standards development, prototype construction and practical problem-solving for technology development with research institutions and commercial partners.

The facility includes the laboratory facility, liquid nitrogen flow test area, hazardous test area, and the launch equipment test facility.  Within these facilities house the specialized equipment needed to help solve cryogenics problems. 

Some of the equipment housed in the facilities include: 

  • cryogenic moisture apparatus,
  • thermal insulation test apparatus with sleeve,
  • thermal insulation test apparatus for flat specimens,
  • multi-purpose thermal insulation test apparatus,
  • insulation test cryostat with lift mechanism,
  • automated cryogenic testing and control systems and analysis,
  • real-time radiography/thermography, and
  • photography, low-temperature microscopic inspection.

Technology focus areas include thermal insulation systems, cryogenic components; low temperature applications, propellant process systems, and integrated refrigeration systems. Their overall objective is to produce practical solutions to low-temperature problems while focusing on long-term technology targets for energy-efficient cryogenics on Earth and in space.  The Cryogenics Test lab is a unique provider of comprehensive cryogenic services for the aerospace industry and many other commercial industries. 

Capabilities / Services

Development, testing, and evaluation of thermal insulation systems and advanced cryogenic systems and components

  • Thermal Analysis and Modeling
  • System Automation and Health Management5.1 Energy Efficient Insulation, Storage & Distribution of Cryogenic Fluids - Hydrogen Liquefaction and Densification
  • Valves, Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Instrumentation
  • Advanced Propellant Servicing - LH2 & LO2 liquefaction, densification and zero boil off
  • Cryocooler and refrigeration integration and analysis
  • Aerogels for unique ground heat leak applications
  • Multi-Layer Insulation systems
  • Ground and Flight Applications



  • Developed aerogel-based insulation system for reducing ice formation
  • Developed test method for determining cryogenic moisture uptake in foam materials
  • Developed a method to eliminate liquid nitrogen formation within Shuttle ET Liquid Hydrogen Intertank and help solve foam loss problems in flight
  • Rapid Propellant Loading

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