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Applied Physics Lab SW/Avionics

  • Applied Physics Lab Flight Payload and Instrument Software and Avionics Development
    • The APL develops innovative, comprehensive ground and flight software systems supporting throughout project lifecycle from basic instrument development through space flight mission operations
    • The APL develops low-cost, terrestrial and space-ready radiation tolerant avionics systems for individual instruments as well as payload systems for space flight operations


  • APL Capabilities, Software
  • Generic payload embedded flight software architecture & development – automation, instrument control, compatible with Core Flight System
  • Ground control system software architecture & development – displays, gateway, ground processing (LCC Firing Room, etc)
  • Lab support software for instrument or subsystem development – displays, control, logging
  • Architecture, infrastructure and process to provide fully flight-forward payload embedded and ground system software for lab support for instrument development/test/ops – no throwaway lab software!
  • Remote integration of subsystems/instruments from around KSC to across the country
  • Support a variety of flight processors
  • Web interfaced database for Data Distribution Service logging, retrieval & data viewing tool
  • Database design & development – Master Measurement List for cmd & telemetry
  • Instrument/subsystem real-time modeling down to signal level
  • Automated testing – software and hardware


  • APL Tools, Software
  • Enterprise Architect, Magic Draw
  • Embedded Linux & Ubuntu Linux
  • Data Distribution Service – interfacing w/C++, LabVIEW, web-based logging & retrieval tool
  • C++
  • JavaScript, Node.js
  • Virtual Machine Language (VML)
  • Labview – Windows, Real-Time & FPGA
  • Mathworks – Simulink, Matlab, Simscape, xPC & Speedgoat
  • C – Instrument firmware
  • Trac – Issue tracking, Wiki
  • Jenkins – Build system
  • Subversion – Configuration management
  • Windows Visual Studio
  • Various database applications


Instrument control software


RP15 payload control node in LCC



RP15 payload on JSC Rover


  • APL Capabilities, Avionics
  • Flight payload/instrument control systems
  • Radiation tolerant electrical design (circuits, controls)
  • Controls development and testing
  • Design of Shop Aides and Ground Support Equipment
  • Software/firmware design, development and test
  • Support variety of DSPs, micro and embedded processors
  • FPGA development
  • VHDL & HDL
  • Power supply design


  • APL Tools, Avionics
  • Altium
  • Spice
  • LabVIEW
  • FPGA development tools
  • Microcontroller development tools
  • Matlab
  • Mathcad



PCB board design and development

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