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Applied Physics Lab

  • Development of Ground Support Instrumentation
    • Invents or adapts technology to provide practical solutions to launch processing needs including leak detection, hardware alignment, nondestructive evaluation systems, and other special instruments and tools.
    • Specializes in delivering highly effective, low cost, yet simple operational systems.
  • Rapid solutions to complex problems
    • The APL has a long history in providing solutions to complex interdisciplinary problems involving fluids, heat transfer, material properties, diffusion, optics, mechanics and other problem areas to solve or answer specific technical issues for launch operations and processing.
    • We specialize in math modeling combined with simple and inexpensive experiments to answer complex questions.
  • Research and Development
    • The APL develops highly innovative concepts to mid-TRL levels to advance the state of the art in many areas critical for future spaceflight including radiation shields, spacecraft sensors, and advanced electro-active polymer actuators.
    • We partner with Universities and Small Businesses through the SBIR/STTR program, Educational programs (e.g. GSRP) to solve advanced technology issues where we know the primary expertise lies outside of NASA such as wireless SAW sensors and active vibration protection for electronic racks.
  • Flight Payload and Instrument Software and Avionics Development
    • The APL develops innovative, comprehensive software systems supporting throughout project lifecycle from basic instrument development through space flight mission operations
    • The APL develops low-cost, radiation tolerant avionics systems for individual instruments as well as payload systems for space flight operations Applied Physics Lab SW/Avionics

  • Skills and Capabilities
      • Design of Shop Aides and Ground Support Equipment
      • Concept development, evaluation, and testing
      • Mathematical analysis and modeling
      • Electrical design (circuits, controls)
      • Controls development and testing
      • Thermal and fluid analysis
      •  Mathematica, MatLab, COMSOL Multiphysics, LabVIEW
      • Lab software design and development



Window Optical Characterization System



Prototype device to indicate H2 leakage or fire at the flanged joint



Non-intrusive thermal flow meter for orbiter windows 



Pitot tube system for measuring H2 leakage flow from ET Vent



A hollow aluminum sphere hanging by a thin steel wire in a Helmholtz coil

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