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Advanced Life Support

The KSC Life Support and Habitation Systems (LSHS) team currently has four areas of focus:

  1. Water recovery systems, which involves developing and testing systems for maintaining potable water for space. Specific strategies being studied include the use of silver as a biocide, use of anti-microbial materials, and UV radiation for microbial control. A second area of the water research involves pretreatment concepts for reducing the carbon and nitrogen loading in wastewater. This has specific application toward treating urine for water recovery and as a pretreatment prior to distillation on the International Space Station (ISS).
  2. Atmospheric trace contaminant control systems, which have focused on the use of regenerable adsorbents and the use of photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) for removing organic volatiles. Related to this are developing monitoring techniques for ammonia and volatile amines that can be generated by the solid amine adsorbents proposed for CO2 control.
  3. Microbial characterization of solid waste generation in space, including food waste, packaging, human metabolic wastes, etc. This task also involves analyzing treated wastes that have gone through a process called heat-melt compaction.
  4. Food production systems, which have focused on developing and testing of small-scale plant growth chambers to provide a source of vegetables and fruits to supplement the crew’s diet on ISS and near-term missions.

As part of Swamp Works, the Advanced Life Support Laboratory can provide concepts, designs, technology development, technology demonstration, testing, and knowledge in support of development of surface systems.



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