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Telemetry monitoring systems to independently verify mission data from rockets / spacecraft and for vehicle and payload troubleshooting. 
  • Independent monitoring to verify mission data from ground support equipment/rockets/spacecraft and for vehicle and payload3.5 Telemetry Monitoring / Advisory troubleshooting.


  • Supported 135 Shuttle missions
  • Supported Ares I‐X demonstration launch
  • Supported hundreds of Expendable Launch Vehicles (ELV) launches since the 70’s - monitored most ELV launches from both east and west coasts

Capabilities / Services

  • Real-time plotting and retrieval functions at the Firing Room console or in the office 3.5 Telemetry Monitoring / Advisory - Record and Playback System Digital Recorders
  • Real-time and near real-time troubleshooting tools - data for offsite users
  • Translates data into information with capabilities such as data fusion, health and persistent data
  • Digital storage and file transfer of analog data
  • Real-time or post test bit anomaly detection and measurement scaling
  • Data Analysis at the bit level
  • 24/7 intelligent, autonomous based data monitoring Data acquisition, Engineering Unit conversion and analysis
  • Variety of data output methods and report formats

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