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Spacecraft Processing

The team at KSC has decades of experience in the handling of delicate flight hardware, with engineering expertise and multi-discipline services to support human, expendable, and reusable spacecraft processing, and capabilities that include integrated testing, servicing, launch, and recovery services.

Capabilities / Services

  • Expertise in the full life cycle (assembly, processing, transport and handling, integration, launch and recovery) of piloted and unpiloted spacecraft, as well as processing of flight hardware including International Space Station components
  • Integrated testing for propulsion, life support, structures, electrical, instrumentation, and mechanical systems
  • Inspection and nondestructive evaluation (NDE)
  • Real-time anomaly resolution
  • Commodity servicing / deservicing
    • Fluids and gases including oxygen, nitrogen, helium; liquid ammonia; water-based fluids supporting International Space Station Thermal Control System, waste/hygiene, breathing and more
    • Contamination control engineering
    • Crew support systems
    • Life cycle modeling and simulation
    • Interfacing with international partners such as Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), European Space Agency (ESA) and Roscosmos
    • Mishap investigation


  • Assembled and/or tested the major elements of the ISS vehicle including inboard and outboard truss segments, U.S. Lab, Columbus Lab, JAXA Lab, CSA Robotic Arm components
  • Supported resupply of International Space Station with orbital replacement units (ORUs), fluids, gases and other components
  • Processed science experiments for flight inside the station and for mounting outside the station
  • Processed the International Docking Adapter, which will allow commercial vehicles to dock to the station


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