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Software Development and Test

Software Development and Test3.1 Software Development / Processes - Sample Command / Control Displays

The software engineering team at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) can support a full lifecycle of software development services, ranging from requirements gathering, to design and development, testing, deployment and maintenance.  The KSC team has developed systems on a range of technology platforms using software processes compliant with NASA and industry standards.  The team leverages commercial, free and open source software when appropriate and creates custom software to meet particular needs.

The KSC team also provides a complete range of subsystem and integrated testing services to support all ongoing hardware, software and operational testing needs.  This includes performance and stress testing, porting/upgrade services and interoperability support to mitigate life-cycle risk.  Testing can be performed using desktop debug environments, development and validation labs, and controlled hardware test facilities. 


  • Software architecture design and integration
  • Extensive experience with software process (Capability Maturity Model Integration Level 3 / NASA standards) and software engineering lifecycle
  • Agile Development
  • Object-oriented Programming
  • Languages including Java, C/C++, Ruby on Rails and Python
  • Command and data protocols such as CCSDS, XTCE, UML, XML, RDF and OWL
  • Operating systems including LINUX, UNIX, AIX, AOS, MAC OS, Windows
  • Application software and display development
  • Display Services/Graphical User Interface development tools
  • Information architectures and database services
  • SCADA Design and Development
  • Embedded Systems
  • Autonomous Command & Control
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Web-based Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • IT Security
  • Software verification and validation including requirements traceability per NASA standards
  • Software testing-unit, integrated, regression, performance, automated, black/white/gray box, code coverage/reporting metrics, dynamic/static, against test stubs/simulations


  • Developing software in support of NASA’S future exploration missions, including the next generation command and control system for the Space Launch System, autonomous propellant loading, and in situ resource utilization and mining
  • Supported hundreds of Expendable Launch Vehicle (ELV) launches during last four decades  - monitored most ELV launches from both east and west coasts
  • Developed, validated, and operated software used for numerous Shuttle subsystems spanning fluids, electrical, avionics, and mechanical disciplines developed in 21 software languages across many hardware platforms and operating systems, comprising well over 13.6 million lines of code for Shuttle Program
  • Developed Command, Monitoring and Data System used to control, monitor, alarm and analyze experiment data
  • Developed Partial Payload Checkout Unit (PPCU) and Test, Control and Monitor System (TCMS) used to perform test and checkout of Space Station hardware/software elements and Shuttle “partial payloads” (e.g.: US Microgravity Payload, Space Radar Lab)
  • Developed automated regression testing tool for application software executed on modern launch control system
  • Developed and completed tens of thousands of unit tests and verification procedures on safety critical software code for both modern and heritage systems

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