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Command Control and Simulation Systems

Models and simulation to support design, operations, command and
control (C&C) software testing and launch team training
  • Modeling and simulations in off-line laboratories environment for Command and Control Models and operational Ground Support Equipment and Facilities for human and expendable launch vehicles.

3.2 Simulation Systems / Model Development - Rapid Development of Simulations based on Engineering Drawings

Capabilities / Services

  • Expertise for the rapid development of command and control simulations models based on engineering drawings and integration with
    launch vehicle designs / simulations
  • Distributed Integrated Simulations - Distribution of integrated analysis models to support design and operations

  • Integrated training and simulated launch countdowns within Shuttle Program
    • Uncovered numerous problems with application software over lifespan
  • Reusable, sharable models being developed for numerous ground systems
  • Real-time Simulated Interface (RSI) - provides all hardware and software required to support model execution, external Launch Processing System interfaces, and user interfaces
  • Distributed Simulations developed for different Project Elements to engineers across the country at their desk

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