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Emergency Management

Emergency Management operates the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). When activated the EOC is the nerve center and focal point for the Incident Command System. This group provides training and exercises the Emergency Support Functions for response during an emergency.

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Protective Services Office (PSO)

All those visiting or doing business at Kennedy Space Center are served by the center’s Protective Services Office (PSO), which provides security, law enforcement and emergency services.  The duties of the PSO include major mission and event planning, protective details, the Federal Employee Security Program, industrial and physical security operations and plans, communications security, investigations (criminal and background), emergency response, workplace violence prevention and response, international visitor coordination, and identity management and issuance of badges.  KSC Protective Services is fully compliant with the National Incident Management System, and the National Response Framework. Security

Law Enforcement

KSC Security Police Officers operate under the Federal Magistrate Program that includes Traffic Enforcement Units, K-9 operations, and a fully staffed and trained Emergency Response Team.  The Federal Magistrate Program is dedicated to preserving the peace, prevention, detection, and investigation of crimes, and the arrest or apprehension of violators. 

Personnel Security

Security Specialists serve as the subject matter experts (SME) responsible for ensuring implementation of all operational and regulatory requirements regarding personnel security, industrial security, Homeland Security Policy Directive (HSPD-12) access and badging requirements, and compliance with classified national security information requirements.  They provide oversight for the KSC Protective Services Contract Personnel Security Support Office (PSSO) for processing access and badging requests, and are the approving authority for initiating background investigations and issuing NASA PIV Badges.  They also perform the role of International Visit Coordinator (IVC) and collaborate with Center Export Control personnel and NASA Counterintelligence Agents to process requests for foreign visitors in accordance with Federal and NASA policies.

Protective Services Communications Center (PSCC)

KSC operates a NASA-owned emergency receiving and dispatch center that operates on KSC property only.  The 911 system at KSC is an independent system that rings in to the PSCC.  If additional support is required, the PSCC can call for mutual aid support Search Teamfrom the surrounding cities that have entered into agreements with KSC.

Security Operations 

KSC Security Operations is responsible for the protection of NASA assets, property, and personnel.  This includes perimeter access control at three gates and access control to critical facilities and sensitive areas, along with armed response to all KSC areas.



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