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Emergency Fire and Rescue

Kennedy Space Center (KSC) provides emergency fire and rescue services for employees and facilities across the center, covering everything from car accidents to launch pad fuel leaks.  This protection includes 24/7 fire and ambulance services staffed by cross-trained paramedic/firefighters, an Emergency Operations Center and professional expertise regarding fire and life safety requirements for operations, facilities and processes at KSC.

Emergency Management:  Emergency Management operates the Emergency Operations Center.  When activated the EOC is the nerve center and focal point for the Incident Command System.  This group provides training and exercises the Emergency Support Functions for response during an emergency.

Emergency Medical:  The KSC Fire Department operates 24/7 Advanced Life Support ambulances staffed with cross-trained paramedic/firefighters; this dual role ensures emergency medical services are first on the scene, stabilizing and preparing the sick and injured for rapid transport to a hospital.  The KSC ambulances transport employees to local hospitals in the area under the mutual aid agreements.

Fire Engineering:  Fire Engineering and Fire Prevention provides an Authority Having Jurisdiction, who is a licensed Professional Engineer that makes determinations on fire and life safety requirements for facilities, operations, and processes at KSC.  

Fire Operations:  KSC has a fully staffed Fire Department with three fire stations operating 24/7.  Services provided are hazardous materials emergency response, multiple rescue operations capability, structural and aircraft firefighting.  In addition, the Fire Department has technician level trained special response teams, a Hazmat Team, a Tactical Rescue Team (confined space, high angle, vehicle/machinery), and an Astronaut Rescue Team (Launch Pad/End of Mission); all supported with state of the art fire vehicles and equipment.

KSC’s emergency team capabilities include hazardous materials emergency response, and responding to multiple rescue scenarios, including confined space, high angle, vehicle/machinery and launch pad/landing emergencies.  For more details, please see tabs at left.

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