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Space Station Processing Facility (SSPF)

Small SSPF 

The Space Station Processing Facility (SSPF) High Bays provide maximum flexibility for assembly, testing and processing payloads and elements destined for space.  The SSPF bays are equipped with cranes, commodities-servicing equipment and a secure power supply, and the facility also offers ample office space and access to 15 offline labs.

  •  Intermediate Bay (I-bay)
    • 338 ft L x 50 ft W
    • Ceiling height 30 ft
    • 100,000-class clean work area
  • High Bay
    • 362 ft L x 105 ft W
    • Ceiling height 61 ft
    • Class I Division 2 area
    • Can be separated into eight different processing areas
    • Reconfigurable footprint to support unique processing requirements
  • 140,000 sq ft of office/work space
  • Cranes
    • I-bay: 2 - 5-ton bridge
    • High Bay: 2 – 30-ton bridge
  • Commodities and Servicing
    • Ammonia servicing
    • GN2 (6,000 psi)
    • GHe (6,000 psi)
    • Compressed air (125 psi)
    • Potable water
  • Electrical Services
    • 480V 3-phase power at 60Hz
    • Uninterruptible power supply (450kVA)
  • 9 independently operated control rooms
  • 15 labs, 2 chemical labs, and 2 darkrooms
    • 1 Certified offline lab for planetary protection processing (Class-100 clean work area)
  • 3 ISS Environmental Simulator (ISSES) Chambers
    • Used to expose ISS life science ground controls to ISS environmental conditions (i.e., temperature, humidity)
  • Experiment Monitoring Area (EMA)
    •  Use to monitor ISS life science experiments

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