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Mobile Launcher Platforms (MLP's)


KSC is home to the MLP that was used during the Apollo/Saturn and Shuttle programs for space vehicle stacking, transporting and launching operations.  The MLP is available for use by commercial companies and other Government agencies for launch activities or for other alternative and innovative options.

The MLP is a welded steel “box” structure with two internal levels of pathways and compartments containing utilities, test equipment and propellant-loading equipment.  Each weighs about 9.3 million pounds (4.2 million kg.), with dimensions of 160’x135’x25’ (length, width, height), and has three flame holes to accommodate vehicle exhaust. The top surface includes mounts and hold-down posts to support vehicles, and water systems for sound suppression and mitigation of ignition overpressure to protect the vehicle and ground equipment during launch.  In addition, two 31-foot Tail Service Masts rise from the top surface to provide vehicle umbilical connections for fuel and oxidizer, gases, ground electrical power and communications links.

MLP utilities include telephone and intercom, electrical power, hydraulics, lighting, waste water, potable water, fire alarm, fire suppression water, Halon fire extinguishment, oxygen monitoring, breathing air, battery back-up power, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

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