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Launch Pad 39C

KSC’s newest Launch Pad, designated 39C, is designed to accommodate Small Class Vehicles. Located in the southeast area of the Launch Pad 39B perimeter, this new concrete pad measures about 50 feet wide by about 100 feet long.  Launch Pad 39C will serve as a multi-purpose site allowing companies to test vehicles and capabilities in the smaller class of rockets, making it more affordable for smaller companies to break into the commercial spaceflight market. 

image of lauch complex 39C 

As part of this capability, NASA’s Ground Systems Development and Operations Program developed a universal propellant servicing system, which can provide liquid oxygen and liquid methane fueling capabilities for a variety of small class rockets.  This system is slated for operational readiness in the summer of 2016.

pad c image image of vehicle at pad c

With the addition of Launch Pad 39C, KSC can offer the following processing and launching features for companies working with small class vehicles (maximum thrust up to 200,000 pounds):

  • Processing facilities – i.e. Vehicle Assembly Building
  • Vehicle/payload transportation (KAMAG, flatbed trucks, tugs, etc.) from integration facility to pad
  • Launch site
  • Universal propellant servicing system (LOX, LCH4)
  • Launch control center/mobile command center options

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